I am a content editor for medical researchers. I will help you structure your scientific article, advance your arguments, and get your message across to your audience, making it more likely your paper will be accepted by your target journal. My focus is always on the story you are trying to tell about your research. I am sensitive to your individual voice, and will help you to clearly and effectively convey your scientific ideas in English, whether it is your native tongue or not.

My interdisciplinary background gives me an advantage over many other scientific editors, who are often not trained in argumentation and rhetorical technique. I also bring a strong background in narrative theory to the field of health research.

I am available for freelance work on a limited basis.

My institutional homes are at the Institute for Primary Care (BIHAM) and at the Fachbereichsbibliothek Bühlplatz FBB of the University of Bern. At BIHAM, my title is Scientific Editor, and I work on papers, grants, and as a dissertation coach for medical students. At the Library, I design the Medical Writing curriculum and teach courses. From 2011 until 2016, I was the Scientific Editor for the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM).

Outside of medicine, I have edited dissertations and books on international human rights law, criminology, and political economy, and works of fiction.

My own academic work has been in the discipline of trauma studies. I have an interdisciplinary Ph.D. from Yale University, and was a Professor of Humanities at The University of Arizona from 1996-2006, when I relocated to Berlin, and then to Bern, Switzerland.  Between 1988-2004, I edited an interdisciplinary, peer-review academic journal, and ran a small press, in addition to holding my University post.

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