English is the default language for scientific publication, and for most academic publication. This presents a challenge for non-native speakers. After editing hundreds of papers and many dissertations by native speakers of German and Romance languages, I understand how to help writers meet these challenges. The goal of editing a manuscript for publication is to see it accepted by your target journal or publishing house. Good writing will bring your manuscript to the top of an editor’s review pile, or make sure your grant application stands out from the rest. Though I can edit manuscripts by native speakers of any language, I specialize in helping native German speakers, and speakers of Romance languages, to prepare their manuscripts for publication.

I can and do edit papers for grammar and style, but I can also improve the scientific or academic narrative and flow of argument. Scientists generally write their Methods and Results sections most easily, and find writing the Introduction and the Discussion more difficult. Academics often have trouble writing an argument that flows beautifully from introduction to conclusion. If you are a scientist, I can help you sharpen and strengthen the background you provide in the Introduction, and persuasively interpret your results in the Discussion. If you are a social scientist, I can help you make your case persuasively, in the style of your journal or publisher of choice. I can also write or revise abstracts for papers.

My dual background in literature and in scientific editing gives me an advantage over most technical and copy editors. I can work with you until your prose is not just correct, but powerful. I can help you showcase your ideas when your limited language skills get in the way. Writers who have worked with me say that I quickly grasp their meaning and intent. I edit at a brisk pace, and I include marginal comments that will help you improve your writing. I also share writing and grammar resources with clients.

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